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Arab Ready Meals

A member of KADDB Investment Group (KIG) Troop’s Products Cluster, ARM is a food-solutions provider for the defence sector. It manufactures high-quality, convenient Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) based on a retort pouch system and provides food catering services to military camps. It is a partnership between KIG and Brahim Overseas Ventures, an affiliate of Dewina Holdings, a Malaysian food specialist company.

ARM prides itself on its flexibility, bringing a wide range of custom-designed meals that meet its clients nutritional needs and cater to their culinary preferences as well.

ARM has introduced its Meals Ready to Eat to the commercial market under the name of “Akleh”. Akleh is ready to eat, microwavable, preservatives free, gluten free, Halal meal, shelf stable with 2 years shelf life. Akleh comes in four different varieties; Biryani, Freekeh, Kabseh, and Maqloobeh.